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"Video games don't even require that much space!"
Yeah, about that.

First post. Wrong rating.
This is definitely not good for teens to watch. Bump it up to M.

If you're going to make something for adults, then rate it appropriately for adults. Keep that in mind, please.

True story, I was there

Little-Rena responds:

Well someone had to help move the body!

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I actually enjoyed this update.

Doom literally does run on anything.

If you're in a hurry, here's a /reeeally/ vague walkthrough.

The Hole:
1.) There's should be plenty things to collect here. Look really hard. Someone doesn't need something, now that they're dead of course. Once you have them all, try "combining them".
2.) Once you have something sharp, trying picking something with it.
3.) Something will open, but it's not this door. Where could it be?

1.) Let's have a drink! Do you have something to carry in?
2.) What a conveniently placed "card" reader.
3.) There's something between you two. Do something about that.
4.) He isn't keen to let you pass. You need to get up close and personal, but you don't have the right tools yet. You can make one though.
5.) Collect his belongings. You might see clearly now. Where does this key go?
6.) Now that you have it, you can't open it. Is there some sort of clue?

The Hole (2):
1.) Now that your vision has cleared, what do these mean? Take some notes.

Elsewhere (2):
1.) With your acquired knowledge, I'm sure you know what must you do? Once you do that, you'll finally know what's going on. You might need to rotate stuff around until it works. Trial and error.

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DLC incoming???

Oh holy hell, can you be nostalgic over something that just apparently came out weeks ago?

Because that's the vibes I get from this game lol
Solid stuff, folks

Sick tunes, holy heck

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Dumbtruck Cassandra tho
I really love how you drew the Pico characters’ expressions!

Pico tiddy spotted

Someone please get this man a man

Ghostydemon responds:

Don't worry, he has a man


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