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Newgrounds 2004 Theme

Posted by solitonmedic - January 9th, 2019


I've always been meaning to do this for sometime now, so here it is: a complete throwback of the '04 days! Take a glimpse to what NG used to look like back then with this Stylus theme!

Known bugs:

  • Weird artifacts might appear in your userpage and notifications
  • Might not actually boost load speeds
  • BBS splitter blends a bit too well with the background
  • Submission ratings are too small and barely noticable (at present there's no known fix without breaking parts of the site)


  • The classic NG look and colors
  • Functional forum icons (one of them even animates, just like old times!)
  • Lightweight, so it'll play nice with mobile (It'll actually boost site load speeds!)
  • Appiles to everything except userpages, the portal (and instances where the site will use the '15 theme)
  • The original splitter from the old layouts
  • Background and assets is optimized to work with the current 2018-19 theme
  • Does not remove ads (why would you do that? you could already remove ads)

Get it here: https://userstyles.org/styles/167650/newgrounds-2004

How to install: 

How to install /w Tampermonkey:


  • 3.) Tampermonkey will automatically prompt you to install. Press 'Install'.


  • 4.) (Edge users only) Go to Tampermonkey's dashboard, set "Run at:" to 'document-body'. Leave everything as-is.


  • That's it, you're good to go!

How to update:

  • 1.) Click on Stylus' icon and click on 'Manage'.


  • 2.) Click on the update icon to install the latest changes, if prompted, just overwrite the changes.


Feel free to leave a comment here or on the actual userstyle page! In case of bugs, contact me here.

Change log:

- First release

- Fixed a issue where locked icons would not appear

- Added the original NG Orange color schemes to review and forum replies text boxes.
- Added persistent header colors on most headings. The change will also ignore any heading colors you've set to your user page.

- Fixed a issue where the background color on BBS and user page editors were not displaying properly.
- Added better compatibility with Microsoft Edge (with Tampermonkey).
- Will no longer override userpage layout.
- Updated to match new additions to layouts.

- Changed how gradients worked to better suit the background

- Changed how rating icons look, they're now the proper size now
- Improved visibility on post and supporter's stars in the BBS to better blend with the background
- Changed some text boxes to the appropriate colors



Comments (4)

How do i install this on mobile?

I'm still trying to figure a method for that..

For now, this change is only for computers for now. It's possible you can run this up from scripts but I still need to look that up.


You can actually install the theme as userscripts! If you have Tampermonkey for Android, it's possible you can take advantage of the theme.

Download the user-script here! https://userstyles.org/styles/userjs/167650/newgrounds-2004-ver-02.user.js

@KieranBurgen haven't tried it out myself but IIRC Firefox on android supports extensions out of the box, so I think Tampermonkey can be installed on it and this installed afterwards

Amazing work! I really appreciate what you've done with this.