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Back in late 2018, I worked on a personal project of mine. I wanted to record the entire score of this really obscure Nintendo eShop title called “Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball”, using nothing but a male-to-male cord and Audacity. Mind you, I know nothing about sound mastering or anything of that sort.

It was practically a service to myself, and anyone else who happened to enjoy the game obsessively as I did. I didn’t think any of it, so I just plastered download links and uploaded every song onto YouTube (which you can check out the playlist here).

Fast forward in time, a YouTuber named Nick Robinson (@Babylonian on Twitter) managed to track me down through Discord to thank me for uploading the entire thing. He actually went through great lengths to find my literal tag and everything (even searching through my Twitter too!!), I was flattered honestly!

I was honestly surprised he was a YouTube with some clout too, it didn’t take long for us to hit it, talking about the game and everything we loved about it. (Do watch his content though) We even mentioned how criminally obscure the game is, and pointed out some details in the game files that normally wouldn’t be seen on a 3DS screen.

Soon after, he uploaded a entire video on a character from the game that people never knew existed (until now). You can catch the video below. I provided the game files you see close to the end, haha

I thought something like this was worth sharing. Even I got nothing to gain from it, I’m just happy how something as little as uploading songs from a game nobody cares about trickles as something as big as this.

Personally happy this game is getting the attention it deserves!

(And nick if you’re reading this thanks for doing my favorite game some justice when I couldn’t :’)

looking forward to working with you again!)


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