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Compiling every single question and answer here (in no particular order) from my AMA threads. Feel free to ask me anything in the comments below!

Q: (From @WaffleCrisp) Whos that on your icon pic.

A: My OC, Jun the Bob-Omb Ace. He'll always be the mascot of my accounts.

Q: (From @SevenSeize) I am having trouble making Japanese cheesecake, and I think it is because my egg white peaks aren't quite stiff enough.

What do you think?

A: Put more eggs in it.

Q: (From @Cyberdevil) Who are you? :O

Also how are you man? Good call.

A: I am me.

Also, great. Being productive for once is great.

Q: (From @FUNKbrs) How do I convince my psych I only have a mild case of PTSD and not a severe dissociative disorder?

Asking for a friend, obviously.

A: Despair.

Q: (From @AcidX) How many full-size French baguettes do you think you could eat in a day?

A: At least a dozen, even with toppings on them. My stomach is a black hole.

Q: (From @RightTime) What is your opinion on muffins?

A: They're nice and fluffy.

Q: (From @Gremlim) I have a jar full of coins. Should I host a guessing game on general and award the closest guess a supporter status while showing off my mad amounts of coins?

A: Yes. Definitely.

Q: (From @Void) How are you enjoying your freedom?

A: I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Q: (From @ZetoSoul) What's your favorite midnight snack? (If you have one)

A: Usually something basically like a sandwich, or potato chips (...with hot sauce dipped onto it).

Eating after dark is bad for you, but no one's stopping you. 👀

Q: (From @SevenSeize) Is there anything we could do to give you more freedom?

A: Buy me this.

Q: (From @Peregrinus) How did you choose your username?

A: The ‘soliton’ part of my name is based from the Soliton Radar from the Metal Gear series, and ‘medic’ is based out of my main in this brawler MMO called Lost Saga, Cyber Medic. Because these two things sound so sci-fi, I adapted the named ‘solitonmedic’ because it sounded cool. It also the occupation of one the characters I’ve written up.

To what a Soliton Medic really does... just think of them of fancy battle medics that fight evil and heal folks. :p

Q: (From @StickmanMarkinson) What inspired you to find the old Newgrounds features (like the 2004 BBS design outlook forums page)?

A: I really love the industrial aesthetics as a kid. I always wanted to replicate it in some form when I actually developed the skills to. Right now, the theme I got now is just the bare minimum I can do with my limited knowledge of CSS. If I were able, and if Tom Fulp allows, I could change the HTML so it’ll better resemble the old look. (Maybe fix the submission rating icons too)

I’m looking to recreate the ‘07 theme and perhaps a NG Mag theme too, as long as the assets are avaiable through the Wayback Machine.

On top of that, I get to look at a piece of web history too. I managed to snag the original ‘pixel’ typefaces Stamper used, commonly seen in the ‘04 theme. I’d like to use it to really fancy things up, but like I said, have to change HTML for that to work.

Q: (From @Fro) Why are you too shy to take a selfie for Seven's thread?

A: Self-esteem issues and fear of getting doxxed. :'D

Q: (From @MarckEllo) Yo what you played Lost Saga too? I haven't played in years but I liked it even if I was never hardcore. My main was the tiger just because I got it permanent for free. Are you still playing and if so how is it holding up?

A: As of now, Lost Saga got passed onto Z8Games from WeMade, and the player base is the shortest I've seen in a MMO game. Z8 really ruined the game when they made Rare and Unique heroes available for purchase...

The metagame is just all about who can infinite combo the most now. I still play it, but rarely. All my friends there must had moved on to other games by now.

The game has the same events over and over again with bingo being the only worthwhile event there. I don't think the devs care for the game much.


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